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Magnet "The Fighter of the Golden Eagle"

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Size: 64x64 mm
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Magnet "The Fighter of the Golden Eagle"
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the Magnet the fighter of "Golden Eagle" with a size of 64x64 mm made of high quality acrylic, you can apply it to any metal surface. The magnet depicts a fighter "Golden Eagle", a special coating provides the brightness of the picture and a long period of use of the magnet.

the Berkut Warrior Magnet

employees of Berkut units from the beginning of their formation were reserve units of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, although they were in the regional subordination. The composition of each individual unit ranged from fifty to six hundred people . Warrior "Golden Eagle" has always been an elite fighter, who was perceived by the population as a guarantor of peace and quiet. For deployment of the regiments of "Berkut" used freestanding building, which adjoined his own territory. For example, the Odessa regiment "Golden Eagle" placed in the building where the female prison settled down earlier. Lugansk " Golden eagle "was placed in the former hostel of prisoners who served the term on so-called"chemistry".

these buildings were most often in disrepair, and the fighters of the" Golden Eagle " had to bring them in the proper form. Berkut officers were also equipped differently, depending on the specifics of the service. It could be Marines and submariners. If fighters seized buildings of criminal gangs, they were equipped on one type: fighting helmets "Sphere", AKM machine guns, bullet-proof vests. If Berkut officers were engaged in law enforcement, their equipment included a standard form consisting of caps, helmets, hats, batons and other things. The distinctive element of fighters "Golden Eagle" was the maroon beret. On video of special forces "Golden eagle" it is possible to see the above-mentioned facts personally.

objectives of the soldiers of "Berkut" in Ukraine

Division "Berkut" have been performing the most difficult tasks. For example, the Berkut showed up when liquidated the Crimean organized group "boots" and many other gangs throughout the territory of Ukraine. In addition, Berkut officers were instructed to eliminate interethnic conflicts, protect public order during modern revolutions (unrest in 2004 – the so - called "Orange revolution", or the events of 2007-the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada).

the form of employees of "Golden Eagle" stood out among other law enforcement agencies. The Berkut went to crimson or maroon berets, a special form of blue-green color. Subsequently, the uniforms of soldiers was urban camouflage, which went almost the entire staff.

in order to get the right to wear nettle berets, each warrior "Golden Eagle" had to pass the necessary standards. No one had to be forced to pass these standards. Berkut officers considered it a matter of honor. 200's right to wear the maroon beret only received the soldiers of the unit that have successfully passed a special test.

video of the Berkut special unit

the only Berkut unit that will be able to celebrate the 21st anniversary of its formation is a regiment based on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. This became possible due to the fact that the Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksenov issued a decree on the preservation of the Berkut division in Crimea. Eleven years ago in the Crimean "Golden Eagle" served only 25 people. The backbone of the organization were the men who had the experience of harsh military school. The first Berkut officers before served in special forces, air forces, were border guards, Marines, served in the internal troops. The new unit also were the guys from Simferopol battalion patrulno-sentry duty. Now you have the opportunity to watch video of special forces "Berkut" from Crimea, filmed in March 2014.

the Territory of Crimea in the nineties became the scene of a large number of organized armed groups that used criminal methods for the redistribution of spheres of economic interests influencing the political situation on the Peninsula. Cities and district centers of the Crimea became the place of Commission of a number of assaults, explosions, contract murders. The criminal and operational situation has deteriorated dramatically. In order to prevent the growth of crime, it was decided to create an important police regiment (special forces) "Berkut" for rapid response to various situations. soldiers "Golden Eagle" adequately coped with the mission assigned to them.

the Regiment was stationed in such cities of Crimea as Kerch, Feodosia, Evpatoria, Yalta and Simferopol. Over the years, the Crimean "Berkut" managed to hold more than three thousand events related to the search and detention of particularly dangerous groups and individual criminals who were armed and distinguished by special arrogance. video special forces "Berkut" allows us to make sure that its employees have always acted boldly and decisively, professionally and sensibly, suppressing and eliminating criminal organizations in the Crimea.

Where to buy attributes with symbols of soldiers "Golden Eagle"?

the Berkut Officers, who today have been unfairly disgraced throughout Ukraine, have always been at the forefront of the fight against armed criminals, during the release of hostages, in the confrontation with the bandits. Among Berkut officers was a well-developed combat brotherhood, solidarity, patriotism and self-discipline. The Crimean "Golden eagle" became the successor of this organization from all Ukraine. The proposed Voentorg "Voenmag" Magnet "Warrior Eagle" will be interesting as special forces soldiers, and to all, sympathetic to the exploits of the commandos.


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