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Lighter "76 Chernigov Airborne Division" petrol

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Lighter "76 Chernigov Airborne Division" petrol
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Lighter "76th Chernihiv airborne division"-a gift for all generations of paratroopers who served in the elite connection of airborne troops. Only 270 rubles "Voenmag"!

Lighter petrol "76 Chernihiv airborne division" with delivery!

Lighter "76 Chernihiv airborne division"

here you can order a lighter with the emblem of 76 guard VDD. This is a quality lighter, which is undoubtedly useful to any servant. It doesn't matter if he smokes. A real soldier can never use a fire.

the lighter is made of very high quality, so that just serve your entire life and will bring a lot of vivid memories to its owner.

From the 76th guards rifle division 76th guards. DSHD

for human military quite not secret, that the past few decades civilians were not in really good position. Over the years, this type of army was systematically destroyed. All this was called a loud word "reforms", but in fact it was a systematic reduction in the number of elite armed forces.

Let's not go far, but start with the collapse of the USSR. So. Shortly before this historic event, the number of airborne troops was about 80,000 people. The reduction began with the 103rd division, which went under the command of the Belarusian troops and nearly immediately turned to the team, so as to include a division for the Belarusian army was a luxury. Later, the sad fate of the 105 brigade, won the Uzbekistan.

In the "dashing 90" airborne compounds as well a lot lost. 76 airborne division, the number of its not particularly cut, but other units were not so lucky. For example, the airborne troops have permanently lost a 387-th police regiment. So it was reduced three Separate Air Assault brigade. But that's not all. On the content of airborne at the time stood out, to put it mildly, is not enough.

What are the problems facing the Union at a difficult time for airborne times?

So many military officers who have invaluable experience, were forced to leave the armed forces to somehow provide for their families. All this, of course, inflicted a heavy blow and the fighting spirit of those Marines who still remained on duty.

similar reductions continued during the first Chechen war, which did not look quite logical. At a time when the 76th guards rifle division, as well as other units suffered huge losses, the high command continued to reduce the staff. As a result, by the 96th year the number of airborne troops has fallen to 63 000 people. With the arrival of the new min. of defence cuts continued in 1996, the number of VDV has fallen to 48 000. The cuts continued.

there was an armed conflict Ahead in Georgia in 2008, where the landing force once again proved that it is the elite of the army. But, the top management, you see, decided otherwise and the number of this kind of troops has reached its record low of 35,000 people. Of these, only 4,000 are officers. And as a "final chord" -in fact, the elimination of the Ryazan higher airborne command school. Fortunately, in recent years we have seen reverse processes aimed at returning the role of airborne troops and the overall strengthening of Russia's defense capability.

76 Chernihiv airborne division currently

as for the position of the 76th division at the moment, it is far away on so deplorable, as it was a dozen years ago. First of all, in the division almost completely solved the problem of housing. For example, the officer and his family receive a service apartment, and, after a while, the apartment is issued in personal possession.

as for the soldiers, more comfortable living conditions were created for them too. Barracks are more like a very comfortable hostel. Fighters are allocated Kubrick on 3 places with a separate toilet and a shower. There is always hot water.

If we talk about the supply division, it is also at a fairly good level. Times of half-starved service are now in the past. In addition, the supply and preparation of food is now engaged in individuals, which also had a positive impact on quality.

the Material basis of the 76th division can safely be considered one of the best in the airborne. In a division with excellent shooting range, range. Fighters have the opportunity to complete exercises with the landing equipment and personnel, as well as live fire.

remuneration of officers and contractors

as for the pay, for the 76 airborne division news quite controversial. For example, the salary itself is relatively small. However, officers have every chance to get a significant allowance for the implementation of certain requirements. This physical training, shooting results, jumping standards and much more.

If the officer copes with all this, his payment grows several times. Of course, some lieutenants or Lieutenant colonels are outraged. Like, " what should I do?", "what about seniority?". But on the other hand, it allows to keep the entire division in combat the tone and has a positive effect on the attitude of the soldiers.

recently, there has been a tendency to increase salaries and contractors, which is a good signal for a possible transition to a fully professional army.

are there national conflicts in the 76th Chernihiv airborne division?

it's no secret, that in many divisions conflicts on the national soil with representatives of the Caucasian people periodically arose. We will not understand the causes and consequences, but simply consider how this problem was solved in the 76 division.

Command arrived very simply: the company is completed so that in it there were no more than 3 representatives of the Caucasian republics. In the outfit or guard they intercede only together. Thus it was possible to avoid conflicts in principle, which is very positive effect on the General morale of each company and the division as a whole.


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