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Lighter "22 SNN GRU" petrol

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Lighter "22 SNN GRU" petrol
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Lighter Besenova "22 GRU Spetsnaz". The front part is a stylized flag 22 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU, presented in our Voentorg.

Lighter petrol "22 GRU Spetsnaz"!!!!

Petrol lighter 22 Spetsnaz GRU

Present to your attention a gas lighter with the symbols of the separate brigade No. 22 GRU Spetsnaz it's a souvenir from the new holiday line Voentorg "Voenmag". Pay attention to the design of lighter – front part is a stylized flag of 22 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU available in our Voentorg. And on the reverse side there is a Chevron sample of the new brigade of 22 GRU Spetsnaz . This arm patch was adopted in conjunction with the introduction of the five-pointed red carnation as the main emblem of military intelligence in Russia.

Chevrons 22 brigade of special forces GRU

on the pages of the Voentorg "Voenmag" we are talking about the red carnation has already been said and that it was against intelligence, very much did not want to part with the "mouse" - but the emblem caught on and the attitude to it today is quite warm. Note that the bat remained in the list of official emblems of military intelligence of the Russian Federation, as a symbol of special forces. The soldiers of the brigade of 22 GRU Spetsnaz is no exception. Along with the nominal stripe 22 SPN GRU on the sleeve of the front uniform of the fighters flaunts familiar to all Chevron special forces. During the actual combat operations of 22 team Spetsnaz GRU , of course, about the identification marks of the question.

the new Chevron in the brigade was adopted after 2005, when the order of the Russian defense Ministry approved a new symbol of the GRU GS – this is quite an interesting story: they say that the military intelligence units were too sensitive to individual insignia, the military literally "terrorized" officials of the Ministry of defense. Finally, the leadership of the army still is somewhat tired, and including compounds of SPN were approved logos based on the main character. For the team 22 GRU Spetsnaz is a standard carnation, a bow and arrow. –the heraldic symbol of courage, speed, determination, strength. The order in the center and St. George ribbon, symbolizing belonging to the Guard - personal symbolism 22 SPN GRU .

Before introduction of uniform symbolics in connections of the special purpose of the Russian Federation, in 22 crew SPN GRU two options of a Chevron – one before, another after assignment of the name Guards were used. A symbol of a separate brigade of 22 GRU Spetsnaz was the image of the eagle mountains in the background – here the logic is simple: the deployment on the territory of the North Caucasus military district.

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Buy a lighter "22 GRU Spetsnaz " you can now, using the system to order goods on this page of the Internet-shop Voentorg "Voenmag". To do this, simply click the "add to cart" button at the top of the browser window and go through a simple procedure – the delivery of goods is carried out in any region of Russia and abroad.


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