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Lighter "10 Spetsnaz Brigade" petrol

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Lighter "10 Spetsnaz Brigade" petrol
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Buy Zippo petrol lighter "10 Separate brigade special nazancheniya", see rare photos and learn something new about the 10th brigade of the GRU special forces-all on one page.

Lighter petrol "10 Separate brigade of special purpose "!!!!

Petrol lighter "of 10 det SPN"

Range of Souvenirs special forces in the Internet-shop Voentorg "Voenmag" extremely extensive – these are not only products with the symbols of the actual troops of the SPN GRU, but also goods dedicated to individual army units of special purpose. Petrol lighter with symbols 10 Separate brigade of special purpose refers to the last category.

Once again about 10 separate crew of GRU special forces

part of GRU special forces in Molkino – one of the most open for the press if to talk about objects of similar level of secrecy. In many ways, so the "average viewer" is available photo 10 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU , allowing to get acquainted with the life, weapons and training "Rex" special forces. The most interesting photos showing the training and teachings of scouts-here, of course, special secrets are not disclosed, but some fundamental points are obvious.

Photo 10 teams of special forces is working on the preparation of professionals sabotage: forced marches of reconnaissance trails in full gear, firing, training of snipers and explosives, var. Due to the available photo 10 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU we can see the most modern models of equipment and weapons in the army, if the General level of equipment is still not high enough, the compounds for special purposes try not to offend.

Special article – photo 10 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU , made by the soldiers in the face of impressive types of the North Caucasus. Special forces units from Molkino since July 2003 are constantly sent to different parts of the region – groups of fighters are sent to Bamut, Borzoi, Agvali, Teberda, Baksan, Gali, Tskhinval, Java. Hard work does not interfere with military personnel to enjoy the stunning highlands nature Amateur photo 10 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU impressive.

Available photo 10 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU with combat outputs are also interesting from the point of view of studying the weapons of the special forces in Russia, on the Internet a lot of photos of the period of the "five day war" in South Ossetia, which is easy to distinguish the special forces soldiers from regular infantry. Most pleasing for the military photo 10 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU , that the forces here seem to be as confident skilled warriors, and staged photographs, with exercises.

the equipment of the scouts on the photo 10 teams of special forces in combat also gives them belonging to a "special caste" is a traditional and "Kalashnikovs" from PBS and "Vintorez" and sactwu very special weapons. Snipers are armed not with old SVD, and, for example, sniper rifles Truvelo and Sako-it turns out, they are given not only to communicate with the press. Confirmation of the above to photo 10 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU below were taken in South Ossetia in 2008. Here, another characteristic feature of the SPN GRU compounds is the absence of insignia on the uniform during combat exits.

Attributes GRU special forces for the holidays

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