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Gasoline Lighter USSR

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Gasoline Lighter USSR
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to Purchase petrol lighter Soviet Union in the form factor of the Zippo "Born in the USSR" for only $8 only in the online shop Voenmag.

Petrol lighter USSR

Petrol lighter USSR in the form factor Zippo "Born in the USSR". Only in the online store Voenmag!

Where to order Zippo in the Soviet style?

Buy petrol lighter USSR in the form factor Zippo "Born in the USSR" for only $8 only in the online store military. Delivery in Moscow-by courier and pickup, as well as in the regions of Russia – with cash on delivery by mail.

On the victory Day our army shop "Voenmag" at any time ready to offer you a wide selection of Patriotic Soviet paraphernalia with the image of many expensive Soviet symbols. Pay attention to the side of the lighter gasoline "Born in the USSR"? Bright high-quality petrol lighter USSR at an attractive price of $8 - better gift, probably can not be. Buy petrol lighter USSR at a special price, you can go to a special section on the website of our voentorga.

Stylish and bright, petrol lighter USSR can be a great addition to your style and a real object of envy on the part of friends and acquaintances, and excellent and the most suitable gift for a person who is interested in the history of the Soviet era or the military theme. Buy petrol lighter USSR in Moscow can be without all postal charges and shipments – simply place your order on the website.

Let's smoke, comrade, on one

Here is something, and lighters to do in the Soviet Union were. Another question is that this item was a terrible deficit ... but is it any wonder when almost all consumer goods were scarce? Probably not worth it. Elite gasoline lighters of the USSR were usually produced in small series for some important reasons: whether it is Gagarin's flight into space, the opening of the BAM or the Olympics in Moscow.

But there were even cooler things. Petrol lighters of party leaders of the USSR, people's artists, writers, scientists, cosmonauts were produced under the order. They were attended by various engravings, commemorative inscriptions, inlaid with precious stones, as well as all sorts of unusual shapes – in the form of a horse, bear, camera, gun or even cruiser "Aurora". And the price of such toys at auctions now comes to tens of thousands of dollars. And pay have something such petrol lighter Soviet Union – a thing absolutely exclusive. Many of them are released in a single copy.

Now same problems with deficit there is no, and buy gasoline the lighter the USSR in Moscow or friend city of – such problems not there is. But people are still drawn to the exclusivity and bright things. And this, of course, is correct.

For a Patriotic goods "Voenmag"

Our clients know that "Voenmag" offers the widest range of high quality Patriotic paraphernalia with an interesting design for a wide range of users. And it's really, really. We work so that to buy the petrol lighter of the USSR in Moscow or other city of Russia it was convenient and reliable for you that you received only the best and qualitative goods.

Best petrol lighters USSR in online stores voentorga

So that as only you will need gifts for loved, close and known - necessarily look to us. It is likely that you will find in the "Voenmag" what been looking for. And the question is not whether you are going to buy petrol lighters of the USSR or something else. We provide you only with high-quality unique products that can emphasize the preferences and interests of both your and your friends, colleagues or loved ones.

and if your choice was the petrol lighter of the USSR, it remains only to approve your choice, because the thing is really worthwhile and will certainly attract the attention of others. You can be sure that deciding to buy a petrol lighter Soviet Union, you get not only original, but also durable thing that will not break at the most unexpected moment.


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