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Lighter "16 separate special-purpose brigade Special Forces GRU Chuchkovo" gas

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Lighter "16 separate special-purpose brigade Special Forces GRU Chuchkovo" gas
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16 GRU special forces brigade in Chuchkovo was until 2003, for 30 years the name of a small village in the Ryazan region was identified with the best school for the preparation of "Rex" special forces.

gas lighter "16 rbsp. GRU Chuchkovo"

Another gift option to the "special forces" family, friends, co-workers represented on this page Voentorg "Voenmag". Gas lighter "Spetsnaz GRU Chuchkovo" is made in the symbolism of the legendary 16th Chuchkovo brigade SPN.

the Famous 16th Separate brigade of special purpose GRU formed on 1 January 1963, is the oldest of the existing connections Spetsnaz troops. 16 brigade of the GRU in Chuchkovo was until 2003, over 30 years, the name of a small village in the Ryazan region was identified with the best schools to prepare "Rex" special forces. In 2003, the GRU special forces from Chuchkovo relocated to Tambov, and the military town did not receive new owners.

16th special forces brigade GRU in Chuchkovo

In 1963 the newly created part of the special forces to Chuchkovo was the "main enterprise": the majority of villagers were employed in the 16th Separate brigade of special purpose GRU, the previously unremarkable village has got a decent infrastructure, in the days of the oath came the relatives of the commandos from across the country, which also positively affected the economy of the village.

About the life of the 16th brigade of spetsnaz GRU in Chuchkovo in the 90-ies of the last century many conflicting and not always pleasant information. Why not just wrote about the 16th brigade of spetsnaz GRU in Chuchkovo. After the sensational story of the murder of journalist Holodova, kind of like when the trail led to the intelligence, part of the special forces in Chuchkovo was presented in the press as a base for the training of professional killers. However, when the same writing and 45 RAPS, and about 107 VDD. In the meantime, all this hype was inflated, the soldiers and commanders of the GRU Chuchkovo special forces "did not get out" of the Chechen business trips.

the 16th brigade in the dashing years

talked A lot about the hazing in the "Chukani", former special Forces soldiers Chuchkovo confirm that the 90s and the beginning of the zero-a truly dashing time. All of them agree that it was fun and good, and today, 16th Separate brigade of special purpose GRU resort and daycare. Of course, the last statement is debatable, and indeed resembles an old man's grumbling, but the fact remains – GRU in Chuchkovo was not only the most honourable but also the hard place of service in the country.

on the other hand, former soldiers of the 16th GRU special forces brigade in Chuchkovo admit that this practice of educating recruits was also a guarantee of survival in the same Chechnya. And one more thing – the so-called hazing in special forces Chuchkovo never fell to the level accepted in other types of troops when by means of humiliations really "broke" the identity of recruits. It allows the fighters who left long ago in a stock to remember special troops of GRU Chuchkovo with a smile and warmth, without any negative.

output of 16 spetsnaz brigades from Chuchkovo

By early 2005, the move 16 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU in new places of permanent deployment is completed. Residents of Chuchkovo lost their jobs, but not much upset-first, wages were no longer as large as in the beginning, and secondly, after the GRU special forces left in Chuchkovo base perimeter of 5 km, and the territory of which was 50 yet untouched buildings. The scale of looting on the abandoned special forces base in Chuchkovo habitually had no boundaries, removed and carried away everything.

in the settlement there is no house which is not "completed" with something from the military camp. But for 16 spetsnaz brigades transfer from Chuchkovo to Tambov was peaceful – fighters quite quickly accustomed to their new home. GRU special forces from Chuchkovo moved to a new military town all that was removed, the landfill at the new location is excellent, and even a little closer than in the old PPD – only 12 kilometers. In General, everyone is happy, one thing is unclear: what happened to the military town of special forces in Chuchkovo – carelessness or purposeful criminal activity?

Where can I buy Souvenirs as a gift to the special forces?

In conclusion, remind the Voentorg you can buy a lighter with the symbol of the legendary "Chuchkovsky" 16th Separate brigade of special purpose GRU. Ordering will take quite a bit of time, delivery is carried out by Russian post to any region.


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