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Lighter with Putin gas

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Lighter with Putin gas
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Gas lighter with Putin "the Most polite of people" available to order for just $8 in a Patriotic online store "Voenmag". A perfect gift for many memorable dates and holidays!

Lighter with Putin “the most polite of people” gas delivery!

gas lighter "the most polite of the people"

Buy a souvenir with the image of President Putin want not only the Russians, but also sympathetic to Vladimir Vladimirovich citizens of other States. Even Hollywood stars Mickey Rourke and Steven Seagal want to become the owner of Souvenirs.

the most convenient and easy to buy a lighter with Putin in our online store military. In just $8 you can become the owner of a gas lighter with the inscription "Vladimir Putin – the most polite person" and a stylish image of our President. This souvenir will be a great gift for any memorable date.

to make a purchase in Voentorg military Shop enough to shift it to the basket, and then will either arrange delivery (Russian Post, courier service, transport company), or pickup in Moscow, at prospect Mira, from 18 to 19, on Tuesday or Friday. Payment for the Russians upon receipt of the goods, for the foreign Deposit.

Putin's actions in 2003

This was the third year of Putin's presidency. Carrying out reforms in the country was at the very beginning. This year the sales tax was abolished, the VAT rate was reduced, the Customs code was introduced. For Bank deposits there was an article on compulsory insurance. It was this year that Putin, Nazarbayev, Kuchma and Lukashenka managed to agree on the creation of a Single economic space.

thanks to Putin's initiative, the Customs code was adopted, which allowed Russia to obtain one of the most developed customs legislation in the world. This code was developed taking into account international principles and standards so that Russia could enter the world Trade Organization in the future.

Instead of a total inspection of all goods, they moved to the inspection of objects potentially dangerous for the state.

Reforms in law enforcement agencies

in 2003, Putin decided to make drastic changes in the arms trade, after which the Russian defense industry dramatically increased the number of orders. In the same year, it was decided for the first time to allow the establishment of non-State pension funds.

Putin was well aware that the country is in the beginning of the reform, when care should be taken to identify problems, statistics, the definition of enterprises and employers, which can become the basis for the development of the country. At the same time, the development of the Russian energy strategy until 2020 took place.

on March 11, the President initiated the beginning of the largest reform of the country's special services. The border service was introduced to the Federal security service. Tax police abolished, transferring the functions of the interior Ministry. At the same time, Putin created the Federal drug control service, which was headed by his friend Cherkesov.

Putin spoke about the modernization of the Armed forces back then as about the most important national task. The army was in need of significant modernisation, the improvement of the entire structure. In General, Putin has always paid special attention to the quality of the Armed forces. During Medvedev's presidency, this line was slowed down by the efforts of defence Minister Serdyukov, but now, with the assistance of Sergei Shoigu, it has resumed with renewed vigor. Therefore officers and soldiers of the Russian army are so grateful to Putin that the attitude of all population of the country to the army radically changed.

the Lighter with Putin – one of favorite Souvenirs troops all childbirth troops and people, distant from army.

11 years have Passed, but today Putin faces the same problems as in 2003. He scolds the Russian bureaucracy, not ready to develop adequate solutions, says about the weakness of the state. But one thing is for sure, today Putin has much more trust, not only Russians, but also citizens of such States as Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Brazil, Argentina, who seek to get closer to Russia, are looking at him.

the butane lighter is with Putin "the Most polite of people" available to order for just $8 in a Patriotic online store "Voenmag". Here is a full range of products with the image of the leader of the state and thousands of other Patriotic Souvenirs.


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