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Lighter "24 Spetsnaz Brigade" gas

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Lighter "24 Spetsnaz Brigade" gas
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Watch the video 24th Separate Brigade of Special purpose, learn something new about the team and of course to buy a lighter "of 24 Separate brigade of special purpose GRU", created especially for you.

Lighter "22 brigade SPN Rostov" gas delivery!

Gift lighter with simolikoy 24 Separate Brigade of Special purpose

recently, one of the topical issues is how to protect themselves in the modern world, when the danger may come from different sources. But how to skillfully confront this danger, we can teach all sorts of educational videos that demonstrate special forces. These soldiers are self-improving throughout his adult life techniques to combat the opposing enemy.

Video 24 Rpm

an Example of skillful opposition to the prevailing enemy shows us video 24 Separate Brigade of Special purpose . In many videos you can see how the special forces of the brigades of special purpose train, hone combat skills to perfection. In addition, the fighting techniques that are shown in the video 24 Separate Brigade of Special purpose, actively borrowed into everyday life, mastered by our Western colleagues, whose base in this regard is not quite developed.

the Effectiveness of the confrontation with the dominant enemy depends largely on the means and methods used, the performance of which is manifested in a real confrontation with the growing forces of the enemy. In the course are any means at hand. For example, can be used a lighter, in our case a lighter, applied 24 Separate Brigade of Special purpose.

it looks like a normal lighter, no different from thousands of similar gas lighters. Some 24 videos Separate Brigade of Special purpose can be seen as a normal lighter is used in many combat techniques. On one of these 24 videos Separate Brigade of Special purpose simulated attack on the average of SWAT Novosibirsk 3 strangers, who without reason provoked a conflict situation with ordinary.

the Answer was not long in coming. Having at hand a favorite lighter and holding it in his fist, our fighter skillfully dealt with the first of the opponents blow to the hip joint. The second was knocked out by a blow to the head. With the latter played a joke psychological atmosphere – he withdrew from the battlefield. Similar to 24 videos Separate Brigade of Special purpose shows you how to skillfully confront in combat, using the means at hand.

Where you can buy Souvenirs with symbols of the GRU?

but distinctive feature of lighters 24 brigades special is its reliability and widespread use in daily life. In addition to the use for its intended purpose as a means for lighting and kindling the fire, we were also convinced that the lighter can play a good role and as a means of self-defense. You can buy a lighter 24 Separate Brigade of Special purpose at the best price and it will be a great gift for the day of special forces GRU for You and your loved ones.


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