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Lonsdale cap

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Lonsdale cap
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Her shaved head skinhead likes to cover special cap, such as cap "Lonsdale". Cap "Lonsdale" could be a great gift to your friends.

The skinhead movement quite popular in Russia 90-ies. They were not the unification of a large mass of people. Skinhead small enough gang related representatives of the same district or school. About eighty percent of skinheads were unemployed, "Ptushnikov" and high school students. That is, the skinhead is that layer of the population that were not included in political organizations. And thus this direction wants to actively show that they can also influence public opinion and make changes in the behavior of many politicians.

As a rule, skinheads get into popular publications, since most of the meetings that they hold, end in run-ins with law enforcement. Also, these subcultures are slightly different lifestyle compared with the main public ground of the city. And the ordinary man in the street becomes very interesting to read and see the pictures where are the photos of skinheads, which are described by journalists in publications with a large number of negative. Yet it is worth noting that most of the skinheads are composed of young people who are active enough to defend their interests. However be aware that this subculture has a foreign origin. Once in Russia, she has some changes related to the type of mentality of our citizens and the quality of life. For example, in the United States, this subculture is more developed, and the number of its adherents much more in percentage terms than in Russia. But, nevertheless, this direction is rapidly developing.

In Moscow there were such organizations skinheads as "Blood & Honor" – Russian branch" and "Skinlegion". Each of them had up to 150 skins. In St. Petersburg, a popular organization of skinheads were "Russian fist". About 150 skinheads was part of the "Russian fist".

Clothing skinheads in Russia is the "echo" of the skins from the West. Stripe of the swastika, Hitler's portrait, 88 – most importantly, what distinguishes clothes of skinheads from Russia. It is the pride of our skinheads. In Voentorg you will find many similar things.

Her shaved head skinhead likes to cover special cap, such as cap "Lonsdale". Clothing similar to that worn by the skinheads, it is possible to find at the Voentorg. Here you can buy cap Adidas. Voentorg is a great place to shop. Cap "Lonsdale" could be a great gift to your friends. Voentorg offers to buy the hat "Lonsdale" and other things, like a mug "White power".


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