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Cap "Carefully Border Guard"

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Cap "Carefully Border Guard"
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Wool hat, "Caution border guards" - great for cool weather.

Wool hat, "Caution border guards" - great for cool weather. The high quality of this stylish beanie will not make you regret the acquisition. Buy a hat "Caution border guards" you can shop Voentorg Voenmag in any region of Russia, including in Kazan Voentorg.

History of the Panj border detachment begins in October 1928. It was then that was formed by 48 Barn-Konarski border detachment, which was entrusted with the protection of one of the most difficult areas of the state border. In 1932, the Detachment was renamed the Tajik with the rank of the red banner, and in 1936 the squad was awarded the order of Lenin. Since 1954, the group gets the name "Panj border detachment".

In the 30-ies of the last century the main objective of the Panj border detachment was the fight against Basmachi groups, constantly terrorizing the local population and the Executive authorities. In addition, before the guards of the Panj border detachment had a difficult task of curbing smuggling from the Afghan side.

From the beginning of the great Patriotic war the soldiers of the Panj border detachment was sent to the front. At the same time, the situation on the border escalated significantly. Nazi and Japanese agents make contact with the leadership of the Basmachi movement. At the gates of the Panj border detachment were systematically gang raids the Afghan Kyrgyz, characterized by insolence and cruelty. During the war period on the part of the border guarded by the Panj border detachment was committed about a hundred attacks, at the same time, border guards of the Panj border detachment detained more than two hundred border crossers, some of whom were agents of foreign intelligence services.

Not spared by the Panj border detachment and the Afghan war. From the first days of the entry of Soviet troops in Afghanistan guards from the Panj border detachment was formed the motor of the group, successfully conducted combat operations as part of the 40th army.

After the collapse of the Union of the Panj border detachment remains on the territory of Tajikistan. In difficult conditions of civil war servicemen of the Panj border detachment had no time to repel attacks from both the local opposition and the Afghan insurgents.

In 2005, after the termination of the Russian-Tajik agreement on the joint protection of borders of the Panj border detachment was disbanded.


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