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Towel with a tank

code: 100-12893
Material: 100% Cotton Size: 75 x 150 cm
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Towel with a tank
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Towel with t-90 tank will be a great gift for the tanker. Bought for $40 in the best px! Looking at him, the tanker will represent how the tanks rumbled and rushed to the attack. On a towel of black color the t-90 tank, and also inscriptions is represented: "Tank armies" and "Armor is strong and our tanks are fast".

towel "T-90"

Give the tank warrior stylish, nice towel black, 75x150 cm in size, which stands out the image of the tank T-90, combined with the inscription "Tank troops" and the motto "the Armor is strong, and our tanks are fast." So beautiful and functional souvenir made of one hundred percent cotton, you can please any person related to the tank troops. This is a great memory, and a wonderful gift. The material is pure cotton.

Why do we recommend buying a towel with a tank in Voentorg military Shop? In our online store products of exceptionally high quality at affordable prices. In the military Store to all customers are individually. After selecting the product and moving it to the cart, you will need to tell where to deliver the products. The military shop carries out delivery by means of Mail of Russia, courier services and transport companies (to the big cities).

self-Delivery is organized by us in Moscow to the address: Mira Avenue, 29, on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 18 to 19 hours. Payment for Russian citizens-at delivery of goods, for foreign – advance payment. The price towels with tank-just $23. No overpayment, because Voentorg "Voenmeh" is a direct manufacturer merchandise with army insignia on it.

Tank troops in the Siberian MILITARY

the Siberian military district is a disbanded operational and strategic territorial Association of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which was called at different times the West Siberian and Omsk military district. It was formed in 1865 (!), disbanded in 2010. However, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that thinking about the restoration of the six counties.

part of the Siberian military district were included along with other armored units. To give a towel with a tank, bought in Voentorg military Store, is worth every soldier-tankman, whose fate was connected with the Siberian military district.

we will Tell about everyday life of tankmen in 2010

in the middle of June, 2010 there was a preparation of tankmen of the Siberian military district for the forthcoming East-2010 doctrines.

Preparation for large-scale exercises went on the ground "Tsugol". On one training site personnel of a tank battalion of Borzi simulated fire training of staff weapons. Conditions of preparation were as close as possible to fighting. At first, daytime was chosen for the classes, and at the second stage of preparation it was planned to organize night shooting. According to commanders, training young soldiers in a short time is extremely difficult, but possible.

one of the commanders of the tank company, captain Alexander Nikitin said that this training is the hard work of commanders and contract sergeants, platoon commanders. Nothing but hard work.

the soldiers of the tank brigade stationed in Ulan-Ude are given a different task in the exercise. They were engaged in preparation for the most difficult test – they had to force the water barrier. Initially, the tankers were engaged in light-diving training, after which they were allowed to "lock" the tank. So called the stage of checking the machine for leaks.

according to the chief of armored service of tank crew, guard of the major Sergey Antonov, at the stage of check of the tank there is its soaking on level of mud guards, there is a check of sealing of the bottom. If the leak is not detected, then the tank is lowered along the shoulder of the tower to check its tightness. If the tightness of the turret epaulet is checked, the tank is fully immersed.

Initially, the military engineers carried out a thorough check in the place of crossing the river. On the ground the tankers in T-72 had to overcome a four-meter depth. There was a full immersion of the tank, and on the surface there was a pipe designed for breathing the crew and supplying oxygen to the engine. After forcing the tankers had to immediately start fighting.

Souvenirs for the soldiers in the military

In such difficult conditions serving tankers of the Siberian military district. Give them a towel, T-90 and other Souvenirs, which many in Voentorg "Voenmeh". Comfortable for any purse prices and delivery to all regions of our country and outside Russia will make the purchase available to all tankers and those who wish to please them with their attention.


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