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Towel "Special Forces of GRU"

code: 100-09396
Material: Cotton size: 75х150cm
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Towel "Special Forces of GRU"
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Gift towel logo GRU, the image of soldiers in full combat ekipirovka and the arms and motto: "Above us only stars."

In ourmilitary shop voentorg Voenmag you can buy a towel "GRU" with the motto and emblem of this kind of troops. Order towel "GRU" by leaving a request on our website.

The first public mention of the GRU refers to the end of the Afghan war. Afghanistan really was the finest hour of the military intelligence, although if you take the principled approach, the GRU was not intended for this type of military conflicts. However, even in unusual circumstances, the GRU special forces soldiers adapted quickly and showed the results by several orders of magnitude higher than airborne division, and what can we say about regular infantry units. This is due to the fact that at its core, the GRU spetsnaz guerrillas and the Afghan war by the enemy was it partisan, so Grushnikov was in his element. There is an important role as a quality individual training of special forces of the GRU, and a very high cultural level, allowing even Junior officers of the brigade of the GRU special forces to settle not only military, but also military and political objectives. There were cases when a small detachment of the GRU had been pacified and soothed the whole rebellious province without using force.


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