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Towel "Border troops"

code: 100-12872
Material: 100% Cotton Size: 75 x 150 cm
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Towel "Border troops"
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gift towel with border guard and border guard symbols.

Colorful towel "frontier", made of natural cotton fabric, very practical to use. It will be appropriate for use in the bathroom and on the beach or in the bath and sauna. Buying a towel "frontier", you can not be afraid that its colors will lose their brightness at the slightest contact with moisture. If you want to buy a towel "border Troops", then contact the Online Voentorg military Store, you will not regret your choice. All our products are of excellent quality, and you can buy them in any region of Russia, including in Voentorg Ryazan.

the history of the exploration of the border troops in Russia dates back to the middle of the XIV century, when the Rus frequent raids of the Tatar – Mongol. At that time, border intelligence Russian princes were sent the horse patrol squads, whose task was to alert outposts of the approaching enemy.

in the future, with the improvement of forms of border protection of the state, improved and border intelligence. Since at all times any intelligence service has been the subject of special secrecy, the facts relating to the activities of the intelligence of border troops in the period preceding the establishment of Soviet power, practically not preserved.

in Soviet Russia, border intelligence played a major role. Through exploration of border troops prevented a lot of conflict in the far East in the mid-thirties of the last century, and somewhat later, the border intelligence has collected a large amount of information about the concentration of German troops near the Western borders of the USSR (in the period from January to April 1941 intelligence service of the border troops in the border area were about 400 agents of the Abwehr).

after the beginning of the great Patriotic war, border intelligence was actively used for both reconnaissance and sabotage activities in the German rear. The success of the intelligence of border troops in the rear of the advancing enemy troops was due to the fact that they acted on a familiar terrain. Border intelligence groups crossed the front line and received the necessary information from both the local population and agents of the Soviet underground operating in the rear. Subsequently, the intelligence of border troops continued to actively maintain contact with both the intelligence network and the guerrilla groups operating in the occupied territory.

Closer to the end of the war and the transfer of the theater of operations on the territory of neighboring States, the task of border intelligence was to identify agents left by retreating Germans on Soviet territory, as the intelligence of border troops engaged in the detention of abandoned saboteurs. Only in the summer of 1944, the border intelligence service of the Ukraine district revealed 69 active gangs in the Carpathian area – 8 bands. In the postwar period, after the transfer of the border troops to the KGB, much attention is paid to the intelligence of border troops. Border intelligence units are equipped with the latest weapons and technical means.

today intelligence of border troops, now FSB of Russia, one of the best in the world, both on quality of preparation of personnel, and on technical equipment.


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