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Beret Airborne

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Beret Airborne
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buy beret airborne from a warehouse in Moscow! Various forms of delivery of the berets of paratroopers on the territory of Russia. Production of the Russian Federation.

Takes airborne

to Purchase a beret of the airborne troops in Moscow it is very easy to do, there are online shop in our Voentorg. Just add an item to your cart and choose a convenient way of delivery. Note that the order beret paratrooper airborne can be both retail and large and small wholesale at discounted prices. Buy berets can not only paratroopers from Russia, but also soldiers of the airborne forces from other countries.

delivery Options are wide. You can use the product in Moscow at the address: lubyanskiy proezd, 5, building 1, 3rd floor, office 335. The courier will also deliver the goods To you, but for a fee that varies from $8 to $12 rubles, depending on Your location. For other cities provided delivery by mail and payment of the order upon receipt of cash on delivery. Isn't it just to buy a beret airborne on our website? Voentorg “Voenmag” always thinking about their customers.

real paratrooper berets

the Paratrooper is a combat cartridge, the Paratrooper is stronger than steel and granite, the Paratrooper is a peaceful children's dream, the Paratrooper is an Army elite! Of course we've all heard the lines of this famous song at least once. They are the most emphasize and characterize the image of the representative of the airborne troops. Honor, courage, respect for ancestors and veterans – all these qualities are not alien to the soldier who served in the airborne forces.

the hallmark of a soldier, which is representative of the airborne, can be called the strength of spirit! The spirit of the soldier is brought up throughout the service and he is very strong. To risk his life a usual thing for a soldier of the paratrooper and he will sacrifice himself for the sake of peace in our land.

Buy beret airborne forces for their loved ones and friends and they will be happy with such a gift, because this headgear will remind them of the times spent in military units, where they protected civilians from possible enemies, and some from real combat. Yes, even if it was not easy, but they managed and deserve such a gift. Where to buy beret paratrooper we will describe just below the text.

Thank landings blood spilled! No wonder VDV called elite!

in the Russian troops there are quite a few different units, all in their important and necessary, but not many have the right to be called elite. To such troops without a doubt can be attributed and include airborne troops. It is not so easy to get into this kind of troops, because the conscript must meet all the scrupulous requirements. By past good health and excellent physical fitness, it should also be strong in spirit.

to Withstand the ordeal the soldiers of the airborne forces is not so simple. A lot of tests await the soldier on his way, because not immediately he will get a blue beret. But when he beret the fall on his head, he can proudly say that I deserve to wear it!

A real paratrooper will always have a neat appearance and follow him, because he is an example, he is the elite. Order beret airborne forces on our website is simple and beret a few minutes, and you take a spare will never be superfluous, because in terms of military service can be easily damaged or stained. With our berets you will always look great.

as Voentorg “Voenmag” offers and many other related products for the soldiers of the airborne troops of Russia and other countries of Union of Independent States..

do Not forget about the paratroopers of the Soviet Union. In the war years they played a big role. Largely from their actions influenced the outcomes of many fights and battles. The brunt of the blow fell on them during the war in Afghanistan. A lot of guys died there in those years. Those who survived with horror recall the times, conducted in a faraway not friendly country. But they survived, and honor them with praise for their courage.

Not everyone, not everyone has experienced what they were able to withstand. To defend the homeland, their loved ones and just to liberate other countries from invaders common for members of airborne forces. Soldiers don't think about saving themselves in the first place. Their character is focused on how to save other, defenseless civilians who simply need protection even in more or less peacetime. Give your heroes beret paratrooper and he will be proud to wear it. To purchase a beret of the airborne forces of the USSR is now easier than ever. This can be done on the site of the largest military trade country “Voenmag” with a few mouse clicks from the comfort of home. the Where to buy a beret airborne?

in today's world, when every minute is worth its weight in gold, it is very difficult to find time for shopping. Spending all day looking for the right product is a great luxury. But now you do not need to go in search of the right things, for this there are online stores.

One of these is a major Voentorg “Voenmag”. Since the berets of the airborne forces of Russia and the USSR are in great demand today - do not worry if you do not find it available at the moment. Just go in a few days and our warehouses will be a new batch of these berets paratroopers!

the Quality of our products is the best. See for yourself, order products on our website right now.

we hope that after all above read You will not have a question “where to buy beret the paratrooper?"In the present times it is easy to do. Hurry up to visit the site of the Voentorg and you will be delighted with the range and quality of products. We are waiting for You in our store.


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