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Here, for your convenience, collected all the new items from all categories of goods catalog of our online store.

The centennial anniversary is a special holiday for any structure, department or kind of troops. In this category, we collected all the awards dedicated to the 100th anniversary!

November 13 - Day of the Radiation, Chemical, Biological Defense Forces.

December 20 - Day of the employee of the state security services of the Russian Federation

November 10 - Day of the employee of the internal affairs of the Russian Federation

October 5 - Day of Criminal Investigators

November 5 - Day of the military scout

May 28 - Day of Border Troops of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation

According to the medals of the USSR, you can trace the entire 70-year history of the country. Our online store offers models of combat, labor and departmental medals of the USSR.

In the category in addition to awards for fighting in the "hot spots" are medals for soldiers-peacekeepers (Peacekeeping Forces)

Awards for all who fought and fight terrorism - for fighters of the Special Purpose Unit of the Russian Federation

Medals of the Republic of Crimea, Lugansk People's Republic, Donetsk People's Republic, Novorossia.

Blue berets, Uncle Vasya's troops, landing party - these are all of them - servicemen of Airborne Troops

A white cap, a striped collar ... The Navy is a real pride of the country!

Peaceful skies overhead are provided every minute by steel birds and real professionals of their business - servicemen of the Air Force of the Russian Federation

"Border is locked tight!" - this is the motto of the Border Service. The inviolability and integrity of the borders is strictly protected by the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation

In the category there are regional and city medals of the Russian Federation, as well as medals of the CIS

Looking for where to buy medals? We offer you a wide range of various medals: from the awards of the participant of military operations to the award-jokes!

Our online store offers you to buy medals inexpensively. A wide range of products will be enjoyed by every connoisseur of history - from the time of the Russian Empire to the present.

Here you can find all the goods with the Victory symbol.

small and large, tourist, tactical, for diving and just for life

We suggest you to buy awards and medals of the foreign states, without leaving the house! The pleasant prices, the wide range and politeness of managers will make your purchase of pleasant!

Buy accessories for collecting inexpensively just! Our online store offers a wide selection of different albums, tablets, sheets, cases for storing your badges and medals.

To Dembel prepare in advance, carefully thinking through all the elements of the form. Here you will find not only belts and badges, but also medals, DMB signs and Dembelsky Albums.

Military belts, belts, buckles, and more

A quality backpack is an indispensable thing in any hike, travel, in every tactical game.

Our online store of flags offers you a wide range of flags and flags for a variety of purposes. Give yourself a pleasant memory in a few minutes!

With our online store to buy a military certificate simply - a wide range and inexpensive value will make your choice enjoyable.

Airborne Day, Navy Day, Rocet forces Day, Police Day ... - everything is here !!!

Statutory, uniform, for hunters, fishermen and lovers of outdoor activities

There are many ways to use them, so you just need to buy stickers in the online store. Decorate the house or computer with a sticker, give it to a friend or take in memory of the city in which you visited.

New Year is a holiday that is equally loved by both children and adults. Do not forget to pripodnesti small souvenir with the symbol of the year for good luck to all relatives, friends, colleagues at work!

Universal gifts for the most courageous holiday - Defender of the Fatherland Day!

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